Esselunga looks to transform supply chain

Italian supermarket chain Esselunga is undergoing a strategic supply chain transformation across its 150-plus store network

Esselunga decided it needed to replace its legacy systems with an advanced supply chain solution capable of managing its increasingly complex business requirements, including a surging SKU count, higher flow-through volumes and the need for faster and more accurate store replenishment. 
Manhattan’s Warehouse Management (WMS), Labour Management and Slotting Optimisation solutions have been deployed across its DC network and Esselunga will now be able to handle more complex picking requirements, improve picking accuracy levels and boost the overall operational performance of its DCs.
Leveraging the technology’s advanced fulfilment logic for wave management, constraint-based selection and real-time replenishment, it will also accelerate goods flow and get goods onto store shelves faster.
It’s hoped the new system will take Esselunga’s retail distribution operation to the next level, in terms of speed-to-market, service flexibility and business profitability.