Anthropologie adds AR and CGI

Lifestyle retailer Anthropologie is using CGI and AR to enhance its custom furniture programme in the US

Working in collaboration with post production studio CVLT, the company has transformed it’s vast library of visual assets from its custom furniture product pages into a rich CGI-enhanced canvas that allows for real-time exploration and customisation of designs. 
During a five-month production process, CVLT revamped a vast collection of 96,000 assets, resulting in 360 degree 3D images.
Customers visiting Anthropologie’s site can now not only access a multitude of upholstery options organised by style, fabric, colour, and additional customisation choices, but have the ability to study pieces from every angle to an incredible level of detail.
CVLT also consulted on and optimised assets for Anthropologie’s AR feature as the brand integrated Apple’s ARKit technology into its iOS app. With nearly 100% scale, texture and accuracy in its imagery, Anthropologie’s AR function allows consumers to confirm customised styles’ physical and aesthetic fit in rooms, with existing furniture and décor and consider the effect of light and shadows.
In addition, the refreshed Anthropologie app allows customers to share their views and gather second opinions from friends and family via social media and emails before placing orders within the app itself.