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Threadless turns targeted emails into sales

Tuesday August 17 2010

Online community-based company increases email revenue 120% year-on-year

Online community-based company increases email revenue 120% year-on-year


Threadless, the international online community-based T-shirt company ahs increased revenue from its email marketing efforts by 120% year-on-year with targeted content and promotions to segments of its online community.


Powered by ExactTarget and promoted on the Threadless website, the retailer posted the gain following a 2009 revision of its email marketing effort that expanded the programme to include more targeted campaigns driven by user-defined content and preferences.


“Threadless is about fostering our community of users, supporting their creativity and delivering the most unique, high-quality products selected by our community,” said Cam Balzer, Threadless vice president of marketing. “By increasing the customisation and functionality of our communications programme, we’re able to better serve our community members, learn from each user, improve the overall Threadless experience and ultimately drive sales.”


Recognising ‘opt-in’ fosters rewards


As part of its email revamp, Threadless launched a “Welcome Email” programme that introduces users to an optimised online preference centre, which allows consumers to control and personalise the information they receive from Threadless. The company also sends targeted coupons to new buyers to encourage repeat purchases and collects customer insights through ExactTarget-powered email customer satisfaction surveys.


In addition to email alerts, promotional messages and surveys, Threadless also posts daily Twitter updates and Facebook status updates to stay engaged with its community of designers, bloggers and buyers. The company currently has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter from its corporate Twitter handle, @Threadless.


Celebrating its 10th year, Threadless has an ongoing open-call for t-shirt design submissions from its worldwide community of more than 80,000 artists and designers. The Threadless community of over 1.3 million members vote regularly on their favorite design submissions with the best and coolest designs selected for printing and sale by the Threadless online retail store.