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ATG unveils ATG Commerce 10

Wednesday September 29 2010 Annual Summit preview makes site implementation and management faster and more efficient Annual Summit preview makes site implementation and management faster and more efficient


Art Technology Group (ATG), has announced ATG Commerce 10, its most significant new release of its e-commerce software platform in 10 years.


At this week’s Annual Summit in Dallas, the vendor said ATG Commerce 10 is designed to help merchants speed commerce implementations, improve merchandising, rapidly launch multiple sites, and easily expand into new markets. The release will include redesigned merchandising applications, new cross-channel selling and multi-site management features, and tools designed to empower organisations to work with greater speed, control, and efficiency. These capabilities are designed to increase the value of merchandise, and the profitability of overall commerce initiatives.


ATG also wants organisations to capitalise on its consolidation proposition, using the power of one engine to drive entire multichannel commerce operations, choreographing activities across the web, physical store, contact centre, social outlets, and mobile commerce initiatives in a unified way.


“Today’s consumers shop across multiple channels, using multiple devices and touch points to interact with retailers, service providers and other merchants,” said Kasey Lobaugh, a principal within ATG partner Deloitte Consulting’s Retail Technology Integration practice. “It is critical that those companies have access to tools that unify those channels and enable them to stay ahead of competitors and respond to evolving customer behaviours quickly and easily. ATG Commerce 10 will enable merchants to control their commerce applications with agility and rapidly respond to market dynamics to launch multiple sites or enter new channels with ease.”


Keeping pace with consumer demands


For example, ATG Commerce 10 includes a customisable, pre-built web storefront reference application, called ATG Commerce Reference Store, which it said would enable businesses to jumpstart new sites quickly and easily. This reference application was developed based on best practices in user experience, personalisation, merchandising, multi-site management, multi-language, technical architecture, and code structure to ensure optimal success while decreasing operational costs.

ATG Commerce 10 also includes enhancements to search administration, search indexing, data caching, and catalogue load performance. These features will dramatically improve web page response times and data load times, according to the vendor.


Bob Burke, ATG president and chief executive, said: “For companies of all sizes, whether large enterprises or mid-sized businesses, ATG Commerce 10 will reduce the burden on lean IT and merchandising teams, making it simpler for merchants to get multiple sites and channels up and running. With ATG Commerce 10, we are executing on our Commerce Anywhere vision, making it easier than ever for any company to deliver a personalised shopping and buying experience optimised for mobile devices, social media, and cross-channel interactions.”


Starting in December 2010, the company said ATG Commerce 10 will be generally available via a choice of deployment options, including software licensing, a managed service, software-as-a-service (SaaS), or as a partner-hosted on demand solution.