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Social gamer FlowPlay eyes fraud detection

Wednesday October 13 2010

Multiplayer online social gaming firm takes on scalable and customisable fraud detection software

Multiplayer online social gaming firm takes on scalable and customisable fraud detection software


Adyen, a global internet payment and e-commerce solutions provider, today announced an enhanced fraud tool with FlowPlay to help the social gaming company combat rising fraud within the e-commerce industry.


Adyen’s real-time financial analytics and customisable solution has been designed to allow FlowPlay to identify deceitful and suspicious payment patterns and prevent fraud.


“As with many of our competitors in the social gaming industry, credit card fraud was becoming a costly issue for us,” said Derrick Morton, chief executive of FlowPlay. ‘We were looking for an e-commerce provider that could combat this deception and Adyen offered a one-of-a-kind solution that was a step above the other e-commerce providers on the market. Adyen’s real-time transaction analytics, delivered to us the moment a transaction occurs, help us identify and track fraudulent payment patterns and customise our approval settings to prevent these transactions from occurring.”


Global scale to match market reach


FlowPlay is a Seattle-based software company that produces multiplayer online games, including ‘OurWorld,’ which has garnered popularity worldwide. The company sought out Adyen for its real-time fraud detection transactional analysis and customisation capabilities.


Adyen’s real time e-commerce consumer analytics offer FlowPlay the ability to identify fraudulent patterns of payment activity and set customised parameters for transactions. For example, according to the provider, FlowPlay can use the data to determine, among others, the likelihood that a transaction outside a specific range of a credit card holder’s home address is counterfeit; which, if any, payment options within a given country are rare enough to warrant suspicion; and, the threshold for payments originating from a specific internet protocol (IP) address during a time frame, i.e. transaction velocity.


“Beyond superior technology, Adyen prides itself on offering merchants the most secure, transparent and flexible payment solutions on the market,” said Peter Caparso, North American president of Adyen. “The success of companies like FlowPlay resides in their ability to tap into new markets, and that’s why fraud detection is so important. Our fully customisable solution is perfect for them because they can use our tools and analytics to determine for themselves the strategy that is unique to their needs.”