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Ideal Shopping Direct gains web visibility

Saturday October 16 2010

TV shopping retailer brings in customer experience management technology to improve website conversions and uncover user behaviour insights

TV shopping retailer brings in customer experience management technology to improve website conversions and uncover user behaviour insights


Ideal Shopping Direct has deployed Tealeaf customer experience management (CEM) software on its primary websites, and, to help eliminate issues, understand customer ‘struggle’ and recover lost revenue.


Ideal Shopping is also using the new software to provide visibility into customer issues to its outbound call centre, allowing them to reach out to customers that abandon purchases and help complete the sale. In just the first eight weeks its deployment to support outbound revenue-recovery calling, the retailer reported that the conversion rate of these calls had reached 40%.


Supporting online growth


Ideal Shopping has been primarily focused on selling through its four main (Ideal World, Ideal Extra, Ideal & More & Create and Craft TV) channels. However, with the growth in popularity of online shopping, the company has recently sought to increase its online operations, providing TV viewers with an alternative buying channel to the call centre and also reaching new audiences that were not TV shoppers. Tealeaf CX Solutions gives Ideal Shopping real-time visibility into what each and every customer is doing on the website, allowing the company to make informed changes and optimisations to the site.


More recently, following a systems upgrade, the software functionality was able to provide invaluable real-time information used to identify issues, highlight potential transactional drop-out points and assist in the upgrade process to minimise customer impact, and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) during and after the transitional period.


Strategic customer insight


“For a company used to the tangible medium of television based shopping, the lack of visibility to online customers was only too obvious,” said Mike Hancox, chief executive at Ideal Shopping Direct. “The web is a strategically significant channel for us, and Tealeaf allows us to approach the web channel with a sophisticated outlook, rather than merely guessing at problems, issues and their potential solutions. Additionally, by using Tealeaf in our call centre, we are able to recoup otherwise unrecoverable lost revenues and improve the experience our customers have when interacting with our brand.”


Since deploying Tealeaf earlier this year, the company has been able to identify and resolve both pre-existing and new issues on the website that were adversely affecting customers. In addition, Tealeaf now alerts the Ideal Shopping outbound call centre team to customers who have started checking out, but who have not completed their transaction. The team then uses the information Tealeaf provides about the customer to proactively get in touch with customers within three hours to see if they need any assistance completing their purchase.