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Public CCTV monitoring service launches

Saturday October 16 2010

Project gives members of the public opportunity to become remote crime fighters

Project gives members of the public opportunity to become remote crime fighters


Internet Eyes, the UK’s first online project to give members of the public the opportunity to combat crime as it happens, launched earlier this week.


It has been designed to stem the rise in shoplifting by asking viewers to monitor live CCTV camera feeds, and alerting shop owners when a suspected crime is committed by hitting an ‘alert button’.


The company behind the project has selected 192business to provide identity and age checks to ensure their volunteers are who they say they are – an essential defence against misuse of the system.


192business is a provider of online age and identity verification solutions and, by aggregating a range of public and commercial datasets, helps businesses beat fraud and identity theft.


Offering service users’ verification


When volunteers request to join the scheme their details such as name, address, and date of birth will be run against databases including the Electoral Roll, Directory Enquiries data, Credit Reference data as well as negative databases such as fraud databases, mortality databases; and shared databases of fraudsters, terrorists, and money launderers.


With a possible £1,000 reward available to viewers if they identify or prevent a crime taking place, the identity verification technology from 192business will be integral to the process of a volunteer signing up.


Max Patey, commercial director of Internet Eyes, said: “Internet Eyes is growing fast, as we link with more and more CCTV cameras and viewing subscribers – so it was vital that all our partners provide robust, scalable and proven solutions. I’ve been delighted with how swiftly and seamlessly the 192business system integrated with our registration process. Subscribers find 192business totally unobtrusive and our system is as fast as ever. 192business have proved themselves to be client-focused, with superb customer care and support.”