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Staples nails EU store audits

Thursday December 2 2010

Extends quicker, more efficient auditing solution from Checkpoint Systems to 138 UK-based stores as part of European roll out

Extends quicker, more efficient auditing solution from Checkpoint Systems to 138 UK-based stores as part of European roll out


Staples, the world’s largest office products company, has announced that it is improving corporate compliance and fighting shrink, by implementing Checkpoint Systems’ CheckPro Auditor software.


The software is the first in the industry’s to provide a BlackBerry compatible web-based auditing solution that will allow the retailer to carry out in-store audits faster and more accurately than ever before.


The retailer, which already uses the solution in its US-based stores, chose to run a pilot project in the UK when it was looking for a solution to the time consuming and inefficient paper-based auditing process in its European stores. By using Checkpoint Systems’ web-hosted tool, Staples’ 138 UK-based stores will be able to automate the entire process across multiple locations – from data collection instore, through to instant data uploading, management and reporting at head office.


Cutting waste, reducing admin


By using mobile technology, Staples can upload the audit results so that actions plans and success scoring can be automatically created and shared within their business moments after the completion of the audit.


The benefits of adopting the new system also affect Staples’ impact on the environment. By changing to a digital auditing process, retailers can eliminate the huge amount of waste paper that is often the result of paper-based reporting.


The majority of retailers have audit programmes in place, but paper-based auditing methods are prone to error and take up huge amounts of time. There is also the risk of duplication when collecting and inputting audit data, often impacting on the accuracy and consistency of information gathered, plus a very real time delay from point of audit to the time when the data is finally available in a database/spreadsheet for possible action. Indeed, according to Checkpoint, it is for these reasons that many retailers do not audit at all.


Paul Hancox, loss prevention manager at Staples, commented: "We are already starting to see huge benefits across our business since moving from a paper audit to a digital version and our Loss Prevention department has reported they are saving an incredible number of hours simply because CheckPro Auditor is so much more efficient. The solution is adding value at every stage of the process and turning generic retail data into actual intelligence.


Taking a proactive approach


"When Checkpoint Systems explained the benefits of CheckPro Auditor we were extremely keen to find out how the solution could help us improve our loss prevention strategy too. The system identifies problem areas and allows us to take early action to correct them before they have a major impact on the business. The project has been such a success that we are now in discussions with Checkpoint Systems about increasing the number of licences we currently own," added Hancox.


When an audit is submitted through CheckPro Auditor, the system instantly generates an action plan, highlighting all non-compliant answers and corrective actions for each. These can then be e-mailed to the auditor, the store, or selected individuals within the business, to make them aware of the situation.


Staples has been a Checkpoint Systems loss prevention customer for a number of years, with the retailer using the provider’s 3G RF antennas at store entrances and exits. Staples also apply Keepers and SpiderWraps from Alpha High Theft Solutions – a division of Checkpoint Systems – to merchandise so that it can be displayed in an open retail environment safely and securely.