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Papa John's Pizza secures fast delivery

Saturday April 2 2011

Application and network security solutions protect customer website from service disruption attacks

Application and network security solutions protect customer website from service disruption attacks


Papa John's, the world's third largest pizza company, is using AppDirector, LinkProof, and DefensePro networking products from provider Radware to increase the performance and efficiency of its worldwide e-commerce network.


Papa John's selected Radware to provide the application delivery and security solutions needed to ensure its vast application and network infrastructure is able to support growing demand, maximise response times and ensure the capacity needed to handle large amounts of online traffic now, and in the future.


Protecting networks inside and out


In addition to preventing service disruptions and providing customers with a safe, hassle-free web experience, Papa John's also wanted to provide employees with uninterrupted access to its intranet portal.


Since deploying the networking products across multiple sites, running on the Radware's OnDemand Switch hardware platforms, Papa John's has experienced a substantial increase in operational and customer-facing effectiveness. The solution combination increased network performance immediately across the Papa John global network and has substantially reduced the likelihood of downtime due to security attacks.


"Not only are Radware's solutions the most cost-effective, but the performance has been outstanding," said Jeff Stringer, Papa John's senior director of network services. "From the excellent level of service support we receive to their product knowledge and implementation expertise, Radware has exceeded our expectations and we absolutely plan to deploy more solutions in the future."


Multiple layers of protection


AppDirector – Radware's application delivery controller (ADC) – is used to manage application availability and server performance across a range of application acceleration functions including: secure socket layer (SSL) offloading, web compression, static and dynamic content caching, transmission control protocol (TCP) optimisation and bandwidth utilisation control to ensure fast application and transaction response times.


LinkProof – Radware's multi-wide area network (WAN) load balancer is designed to bypass internet service provider (ISP) outages and other network issues for Papa John's. It is also used to provide disaster recovery protection in the event of an outage, and the ability to circumvent failed connections without causing system impact.


DefensePro – Radware’s internet security system – includes an intrusion prevention system (IPS), network behavioural analysis (NBA), denial-of-service (DoS) protection and reputation engine. It uses behavioural based real-time signature technology to detect and mitigate attacks without the need for human intervention and without blocking legitimate user traffic. This comprises every option from zero-minute attacks to DoS/DDoS attacks and application misuse, according to the provider.