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Social recommendations on Breville’s menu

Tuesday April 12 2011

‘Measurement of impact’ a key element of the project to automate online links to distributors

‘Measurement of impact’ a key element of the project to automate online links to distributors


Kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville recently revealed that it is adding Reevoo’s ratings and reviews products to its website.


The new system will replace the previous complex, manual and labour-intensive process of maintaining ‘Buy’ links to Breville distributors across the web.


Instead, automated, Reevoo-provided links will direct consumers to the best places to purchase Breville products at the best prices, providing a marked improvement to the site’s usability and manageability.


Breville will use ReevooMark to display reviews for its products aggregated from more than 120 locations around the web. This will enable visitors to the Breville site to see Reevoo scores and detailed reviews for any Breville product without navigating away from its product page.


Adding confidence to purchase decision


James Sizer, communications manager at Breville, said: “Our objective with reviews is to provide some additional peace of mind for customers as they make purchasing decisions. We want reviews to help customers make informed selections and choose the right product for themselves, ensuring satisfaction and encouraging brand loyalty.


“We’re also aiming to increase sales conversion for our retailers, because consumers will be making educated, informed decisions based on trusted, independent reviews from their peers. We also believe that the sharing of reviews via Reevoo will encourage a community aspect on our site. This will help us to understand consumer perception and needs, something we can feed into future product development,” he added.


Measuring tangible results of features


Measurement is a key part of the project. Breville monitors every click on its site, enabling it to measure how many people decide to look at the Reevoo reviews on each product page and to track where the visitor goes next. “If the visitor then leaves our website via an external link to a retailer, we will consider the Reevoo review to have had a significant impact upon their decision making process,” explained Sizer.


The Breville range comprises approximately 150 products, of which a quarter will have reviews at launch. The long-term aim is to feature Reevoo reviews for every product. “Over the next 12 months we’ll be able to measure the impact the Reevoo reviews have had on visitors, and to measure those products with Reevoo reviews against those without,” he concluded.


Breville will also be displaying the Reevoo “Just Buy This One” badge on any products, which have been chosen by Reevoo reviewers as ‘Best Buys’.