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Coffee chain future-proofs point of sale

Thursday January 7 2010

Costa Coffee Franchise owner selects future-proof EPoS from Toshiba, Datasym and WRS Systems  

Costa Coffee Franchise owner selects future-proof EPoS from Toshiba, Datasym and WRS Systems


Simon Vardy, owner of nine Costa Coffee franchise stores across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, has selected Toshiba hardware with Datasym.POS software, implemented by WRS Systems, as its electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system for improved customer service and management efficiencies.


The decision to install the Toshiba/Datasym system was made following a demonstration of the PoS solution by WRS Systems, who were recommended to Costa Coffee franchise owner, Vardy by an existing client. WRS and Datasym worked closely with Costa Coffee’s Franchise Association to design a tailored solution to meet the needs of the franchisee, but also one that would be approved by the Costa Coffee chain.


“I was impressed by the flexibility of the system and the fact that it could be tailored for small to medium sized businesses,” said Vardy. “WRS were able to demonstrate a system that could provide live data, whilst being low-cost and easy to use thus meeting my key requirements.”


Design fits needs of quick-service retailing


The robust, reliable and spill-proof design of the Toshiba hardware is well suited to a café environment and its ‘picture frame’ size also has a small footprint, so the terminal can fit into a compact counter space.


With the Toshiba/Datasym solution in place, Vardy now has remote access to live data, enabling him to remotely monitor the performance of any of the nine sites. Fingerprint ‘sign-on’ at the Toshiba PoS terminals ensures staff can not sign on using another staff member’s card, and the use of CCTV cameras means that transactions at the till can be monitored.


Datasym’s back-office “Stockade” software provides full stock control, resulting in greater stock reliability, accuracy and operational efficiencies. For example, yield reports are used to identify whether the correct level of stock is being ordered.


A full suite of management reports allows top-level reporting, as well as detailed analysis of sales, facilitating frequency and trend analysis. Quick and easy reporting enables monitoring of the sales by store, by product, by cashier, even by till, if required – information that store managers can use for staff planning in busy periods. Such information has proved invaluable enabling the Cheadle store, for example, to identify a particularly busy period and alter staff shifts to achieve quicker customer throughput and significantly increased sales. Cashier reports also monitor staff attendance times to ensure stores are opened on time.


Functionality, reliability prove their worth


Financial reporting has also been greatly enhanced: an automated tax analysis has replaced the previous manual system – saving time and effort and banking reconciliation has been greatly improved.


With the Toshiba tills now linked to the electronic file transfer (EFT) terminals, transaction times have also been greatly reduced, resulting in quicker customer service and a reduction in input errors.


“We aim to serve customers as quickly and professionally as possible. Before the new solution our maximum sales in one hour was £300 in 40 transactions. Since the installation of the Toshiba / Datasym solution by WRS Systems, we have increased this to £450 in 60 transactions,” commented Vardy.


The Toshiba tills, with bright screen touch and intuitive customised layouts, make it easy for staff to use and training uncomplicated. Staff managers have also been impressed with the reliability of the Toshiba tills.


“I am very impressed with the Toshiba/Datasym solution and the service and support supplied by WRS Systems. Together, they have provided us with a low-cost tailored system that has enabled us to improve business efficiencies and speeded up the transaction at the till, allowing us to serve customers faster and increase turnover. I would happily recommend the solution to prospective franchisees,” concluded Vardy.