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Barkers completes new till roll out

Thursday September 8 2011

Department store refreshes point-of-sale with Touchretail and Toshiba solution

Department store refreshes point-of-sale with Touchretail and Toshiba solution


North Yorkshire department store, Barkers of Northallerton, has installed final Toshiba Tec ST-A10 touchscreen terminals in its busy café area, completing its full-store electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) refresh programme.


When reviewing its EPoS requirements, Barkers, which is a member of the Association of Independent Stores (AIS), was keen to work with a company that had solid experience with independent retailers. Touchretail develop, supply and support integrated retail management and e-commerce systems for a number of independent UK and Ireland retailers. That, combined with Toshiba’s ST-A10 touchscreen terminals, reassured Barkers that it had found an ideal solution.


Integration improves stock and sales control


The new EPoS system, which uses Touchretail POS software, is now used across the store as well as in the café area and the out-of-town furnishing store. Touchretail worked with Barkers’ current website developer to integrate into one solution, to manage the stock and sales across the business.


“We are delighted with the compact and cost effective ST-A10s from Toshiba Tec and the speed at which the system was implemented by Touchretail,” said Robert Baker, Barkers IT manager and accountant.


“Our previous tills only kept one month’s worth of data. Now we can compare sales with previous years and weeks. The savings we have made both in terms of human error and in sales reporting have been incredible,” he added.


Barkers is also planning an upgrade of its back office system in the autumn with the Toshiba Tec Touchretail partnership.