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Thomas Pink adds online recommendations

Thursday December 8 2011

Retailer launches an online recommendation tool to drive customer engagement and sales

Thomas Pink, the British shirtmaker, has implemented the tool from e-commerce technology company Fredhopper as part of its ongoing website upgrade. 

The retailer plans to add Fredhopper’s onsite search and ‘digital shelves’ merchandising technology next year., which “the largest Thomas Pink store of all,” was originally launched in 2000. A major site redesign took place earlier this year.

Building brand and customer engagement

“We’re continually adding online features that will build brand experience and improve customer engagement,” said Nadine Sharara, head of e-commerce at Thomas Pink. “Fredhopper’s technology minimises the number of third parties required in our online infrastructure. What I like about the recommendation engine is that Fredhopper has the ability to bring in other metrics and control the logic that drives it; therefore having an effect on both conversion and added order value.”

Thomas Pink will also look at mobile development and online internationalisation in 2012, as well as developing more website content.

The shirtmaker also has more than 80 stores worldwide, including flagships in London, New York and Paris.

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