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Toys “R” Us uses Google Local Shopping plug-in

Friday December 9 2011

E-commerce software provider develops real-time local functionality for multichannel shoppers

E-commerce software provider develops real-time local functionality for multichannel shoppers


Toys “R” Us is using a new plug-in for its business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce system from software vendor hybris.


The plug-in enables the retailer to link directly to customers searching for products through the Google Local Shopping (GLS) service with the reassurance that its product information and availability is completely up to date.


Local Shopping is a service offered by Google designed to bring together local stores and people who are shopping online. Retailers submit the products in their bricks and mortar stores through to Google, enabling them to reach out to customers searching for specific items, and communicating the availability and location of the product at a store close to their own location.


The hybris plug-in has been developed for Toys “R” Us in partnership with Neoworks, hybris’ specialist e-commerce partner. Neoworks has been responsible for integrating the hybris B2C Commerce platform for the retailer as part of its multichannel strategy in the UK.


Daily feeds ensure accuracy of offers


Toys “R” Us delivers its stock figures directly from its mainframe each morning and Neoworks processes these through hybris B2C Commerce in order to deliver three feeds directly to GLS. The first provides up-to-date details on the locations of stores in the UK, opening times and other store information. The second confirms the product catalogue available through GLS and the third is an update of prices and availability of products.


Will White, head of e-commerce at Toys “R” Us, said: “The hybris plug-in allows us to maximise the Google Local Shopping service by ensuring that information available to customers is always up to date. We are particularly targeting customers who use mobiles to research and locate products, offers and availability of stock. This is an enhancement to our ‘Click & Collect’ service putting our online customers in touch with our stores to locate and purchase products quickly and easily.”


The software provider and it partner have further developed the GLS plug-in feature as a built-in function of the new version of the hybris B2C Commerce stack, which is due to be launched in December 2011.