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Marks & Spencer boosts reviews

Sunday February 5 2012

Retailer sees over 400% increase in customer reviews since launching email campaign

Retailer sees over 400% increase in customer reviews since launching email campaign


Marks & Spencer (M&S) has reported a 427% increase in customer feedback submitted on its website since incorporating customer reviews functionality from Bazaarvoice into its post-purchase email campaigns.


The retailer implemented the Bazaarvoice platform in October 2010 to enable customers to engage in authentic online conversations, deliver tangible business results and offer key customer insights to help improve the brand’s products and services.


M&S launched its post-purchase campaign in March 2011 in order to increase coverage and depth of customer feedback.


Tailored email communications


When a customer purchases an item, they receive a tailored post-purchase email in a timeframe suited to the type of product purchased. This tailored approach gives customers a chance to experience the product before providing feedback.


Within the email is a link that takes the customer straight to the reviews page for that product, creating an easy way for busy customers to leave valuable feedback. Since introducing this feature, M&S has seen a 25% rise in the number of people going to the reviews tab, which highlights the effectiveness of the initiative and the desire to provide and see honest feedback.


Internally, M&S has used the platform to ensure customer feedback is processed in a correct and timely manner within the relevant departments. The company’s quality management team monitors trends through the Bazaarvoice Workbench reporting tool, and anything requiring action can be flagged to the team quickly.


Creating continuous improvement


In addition, the brand’s buying teams now all analyse the customer feedback data on specific products to ensure they are performing at their best. This intelligence is also used by the customer service, website and product marketing teams, as well as by M&S Direct, to ensure customer issues are being resolved and feedback is used to improve processes across the business.


“An improved product review platform is good for our customers and the business,” said David Walmsley, director of multichannel development at Marks & Spencer.


“Bazaarvoice has helped us raise awareness of, and given customers access to, an open and honest feedback mechanism. This means customers can make a more informed purchase, which in turn has a positive effect on return rates and bolsters engagement and trust of the M&S brand.”