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E-commerce platform boosts Moda in Pelle marketplace sales by 89%

Thursday March 8 2012

Automated product listings and inventory management increases shoe retailer’s Amazon and eBay sales

Automated product listings and inventory management increases shoe retailer’s Amazon and eBay sales


UK shoe and accessories retailer Moda in Pelle has increased sales through third-party marketplaces using a new e-commerce trading platform.


The retailer signed to use ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Marketplaces system to sell more effectively across different online channels like Amazon and eBay. This activity complements Moda in Pella's nationwide boutique store network and own brand e-commerce site, which offers free UK delivery and returns to store.


Streamlining intensive processes


Paul Sanderson, head of e-commerce at Moda in Pelle, said the company wanted to boost its sales and brand presence online. But it found the manual listing of products on third-party marketplaces put a strain on internal resources.


“By using the ChannelAdvisor Managed Marketplaces solution we will have a dedicated team using the ChannelAdvisor software to list and launch, track and automate our inventory on eBay and Amazon, strategically planning the direction of our campaigns and boosting our return-on-advertising spend,” Sanderson stated. “This has freed up our team’s time to focus on other important areas of the business.”


Managed service advantages


Moda in Pelle worked closely with ChannelAdvisor to launch onto eBay in October using the provider’s platform. ChannelAdvisor managed every aspect of this launch – from creating listing schedules, posting templates and editing ad copy.


The retailer already had a presence on Amazon. But ChannelAdvisor said it has now stabilised its account status using Managed Marketplaces to also positively impact its performance in this channel.


Since implementation, the boutique shoe owner has seen an 89% increase in sales in just four weeks. “We have been so pleased with our initial success partnering with ChannelAdvisor,” added Sanderson, “we are excited to see what the future holds.”


The provider said it keeps Moda in Pelle updated on performance with a weekly status call and report delivery, as well as quarterly strategic account planning. Perfomance information is delivered using the ChannelAdvisor dashboard, which displays business profitability and velocity with product-level detail on both eBay and Amazon.