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Amadeus selects hospitality IT for NEC Group

Thursday April 26 2012

Integrated system to manage point-of-sale, inventory and procurement, cash operations, online ordering and cashless payments

NEC PiazzaIntegrated system to manage point-of-sale, inventory and procurement, cash operations, online ordering and cashless payments


Amadeus, the catering business of the NEC Group, has awarded a five-year contract for retail hospitality management systems to Agilysys (Europe) Limited.


The contract caterer has appointed the hospitality technology company to supply, install, configure, train and support an integrated software and hardware solution across all of its venues including the LG Arena, the ICC, the NEC (pictured) and the NIA.


Extensive services portfolio


Services provided by Amadeus encompass public catering (quick-service bars, kiosks and restaurants), and hospitality and event catering (fine dining, banqueting and celebrations). It runs 42 restaurants across the NEC and the ICC alone.


Kevin Watson, Amadeus managing director, explained: “To support our growth, we need enterprise-wide technology that will not only drive our operations but will expose us to the latest technologies and equip us to innovate and keep ahead of our competitors. Agilysys have proved themselves to be our ideal partner for this significant period of our development. ”


Agilysys InfoGenesis POS, an electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system, will be deployed on 281 touchscreen tills and replace the existing system in all of Amadeus’ catering outlets. The EPoS deployment includes permanent and temporary installations and will be capable of supporting the aggressive sales and site growth that is within the Amadeus business plan.


Rapid deployment success


Other software elements being acquired include the Agilysys Cash Manager, eMenu and eCash solutions. Integration will take place with Agilysys Eatec, an inventory and procurement solution, which is already in use across the business. The initial deployment has now been completed.


He added: “There is massive market potential for Amadeus. We are investing heavily in our business, and already feeling the benefits of our ambitious plans in the major contracts that we’re winning.”


Andrew McManus, IT director of the NEC Group, added: “Our relationship with Agilysys will be more than just the supply of systems. We want to leverage their know-how, expertise and technical creativity. They’re already working with our Innovation Forum, looking at new developments such as mobile PoS, smartphone PoS and e-coupons. Agilysys can share market advances with us and demonstrate how they can fit into our roadmap and operations, enabling us to win and retain business in the market.”