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Thursday July 26 2012

UK online marketplace embraces multivariate testing and segmentation to optimise user experience

UK online marketplace embraces multivariate testing and segmentation to optimise user experience is working with user experience (UX) optimisation expert Maxymiser to improve online shopping experiences by ensuring visitors can find and buy exactly what they are looking for from the range of over 60,000 products.


Maxymiser said it will provide multivariate testing and personalisation through a series of testing and segmentation campaigns that will enable to make website changes and marketing decisions based on real-time customer behaviours. This is designed to offer insights into what drives customers of the online marketplace through to purchase, while creating an enjoyable and personalised shopping experience that can boost sales and consumer loyalty.


Initially will use Maxymiser’s MaxTES multivariate testing solution to test and optimise critical areas of the site, including the home page, search results and the basket page, to determine the best layout, design and content optimisations that increase sales, boost basket values and encourage repeat visits. The company will also deploy MaxSEGMENT to deliver a more targeted experience for certain buyer personas and audience segments.


Supporting decision-making processes


Dave Thomson, head of product management, said: “We are a growing brand with products from over 3,000 small British businesses, so we need to make sure our visitors can easily find the original, quality items they desire.


“We have only just started on our testing programme, but already it is clear that you can’t base decisions on your instincts when it comes to making website content decisions. Working with Maxymiser means we can take a sophisticated approach to our web strategy with ‘customer experience optimisation,’ to ensure it puts the user experience at the heart of our business.”


Looking ahead, the vendor added that plans to take advantage of MaxMOBILE, its mobile optimisation solution. Thomson added: “We are in the infancy of delivering a richer mobile experience, but as we get closer to launching a new product, our relationship with Maxymiser ensures we will be able to deliver and integrate MaxMOBILE into our Customer Experience Optimisation programme.


“Maxymiser allows us to easily deploy this solution with their unique OneTouch™ Network that eliminates IT involvement to launch optimisation campaigns, which was a crucial element in our decision to partner with them,” he said.


The online marketplace also recently moved to Rackspace Hosting to host its IT business backbone.