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PUMA Retail updates assortment IT

PUMA Retail updates assortment IT
Thursday February 14 2013

Sports lifestyle company starts journey towards store-specific demand oriented assortment and inventory optimisation

PUMA Retail, one of the world’s leading sports lifestyle companies, has selected JDA Allocation to help streamline and centralise the execution of its assortment strategies, to achieve optimised store-specific size availability, resulting in higher sales and reduced markdowns.

Moving to demand-driven model

Facing an industry shift towards higher volumes, more clearly defined segments, developing categories and emerging geographies, the assortment software supplier said PUMA Retail selected JDA Allocation to help achieve demand-oriented execution of store assortments

In addition, PUMA Retail will use JDA Allocation to help address low-size-level availability, high markdowns and inefficient visual merchandising due to a lack of space and presentation requirements. PUMA Retail is also seeking improvements of in-season item performance and non-effective and manual case pack allocation, as well as to address high manual workloads that result in an inability to operate frequent allocations.

PUMA Retail’s is ultimately aiming to achieve globally integrated planning, assortment and allocation management.

Optimising store-specific operations

“JDA Allocation is one of the most robust solutions in the marketplace and we believe it will help us to quickly and effectively optimise store-specific allocations across our entire retail enterprise,” said Stefan Meyrat, head of global retail, PUMA Retail.

“The JDA Allocation implementation will serve as the first milestone in our multi-phased plan to achieve globally integrated planning and assortment management to allocate our performance and lifestyle collections to the right store at the right time.”