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Selfridges upgrades in-house photography

Monday March 18 2013

Department store takes whole online photography operation in-house to improve customer experience and boost efficiency

Selfridges has taken its whole online photography operation in-house to improve customer experience and boost the efficiency of its imaging process.
The retailer has appointed imaging specialist SpinMe to provide hardware and software for its four in-house studios, as well as providing onsite training for Selfridges' studio employees.
Enhancing product imagery 

Selfridges has also reintroduced a new style of photography across its range. It is using SpinMe's distinctive 360-spin technology, which allows users to view products from many different angles on one image.
“Selfridges is laying the foundations for a higher standard of product photography for its e-commerce customers,” said an unnamed spokesperson for the retailer. “Allowing the customer to better examine a product makes it more likely that they will be happy with their purchase, and SpinMe's sophisticated techniques reflect the luxury of our product range.”
Selfridges has seen an 18% increase in the number of products passing through its new studio since it has been in operation, due to an increased level of efficiency in the new SpinMe workflow. The imaging specialist is providing Selfridges with studio management services that encompass all aspects of fashion photography, flat and 360 spin imaging.

Control over brand presentation
“An internal studio means that Selfridges has much more control over its imaging process,” commented David Brint, sales and marketing director at SpinMe. “Having an end-to-end view of the entire studio process is quite an innovative concept for a retailer, and our technology will create efficiencies that will save time and effort in post-production, as well as increasing productivity and cutting costs.”
The men's shoe range is the first to be photographed with the 360-degree spin technology. It has also recently been expanded to include a broader range of items and more product photographs. A further rollout of 360-spin product photography across Selfridges' online collection will follow in 2013.
Selfridges will maintain an on-going advisory relationship with SpinMe, which has already started developing bespoke imaging techniques for the brand.

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