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The North Face offers experiential rewards

The North Face offers experiential rewards
Tuesday April 23 2013

VIPeak aims to give outdoor clothing brand’s customers rewards beyond the shopping experience to increase levels of engagement and insight

Global outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear brand The North Face has this month launched VIPeak, a new customer rewards loyalty programme based on the Loyalty Lab reward platform from Tibco Software.

VIPeak is an exclusive membership programme designed for loyal members to earn redeemable PeakPoint” for every dollar spent, as well as for participating in local activities such as the San Francisco Endurance Challenge, or on social media channels like Facebook. 

Every year in February, qualifying members (those with 10,000+ PeakPoints) will be able to choose from experiential rewards in The North Face VIPeak Rewards Catalogue. PeakPoints can be redeemed for VIP adventures around the globe, future event entries or cash back credit at The North Face.

Integrated SaaS-based programme delivery

The VIPeak programme uses the entire suite of Loyalty Lab products and services, according to Tibco, its developer. Its Loyalty Lab Professional Services Group conducted customer research and assisted in building the strategy for the loyalty programme. The North Face then selected its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Loyalty Lab Reward, which is designed to improve the customer experience and build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with fans of the brand.

The scheme gives The North Face the ability to build a 360-degree view of its customers, while strengthening customer and brand engagement and increasing purchasing behaviour via The North Face website. With Loyalty Lab, The North Face can place focus on their direct consumers with a world class, cost-efficient loyalty programme.

While the North Face did not provide comment, Matt Elders, Tibco Loyalty Lab vice president, commented: “We worked closely with The North Face to ensure VIPeak is not only a programme that drives sales but also one designed to encourage engagement with the brand outside of the shopping experience. Now North Face customers can be rewarded for getting the gear they need and getting outdoors to use it.”

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