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Joules trains staff for distribution centre update

Joules trains staff for distribution centre update
Friday May 10 2013

Apparel retailer prepares distribution centre staff for a systems overhaul in support of requirements to meet growing demand and maintain customer service levels

Joules has just completed a systems training programme with retail training and development specialist First Friday

The training was created by provider for Joules distribution centre (DC) colleagues at its UK DC to support the team prior to the implementation of a new warehouse management system (WMS). 

Bringing staff up to speed

Around 100 Joules DC colleagues participated in the training programme, which was designed to support the users and build their confidence in using the new system. All the Joules DC colleagues were successfully trained within one month, with no interruption to the operation and pick volumes met expectations in the first week of go-live and beyond.

With over 60 stores in the UK, products stocked by over 600 retailers across the UK, US and Europe and an established online website, Joules is aiming to maintain its high standard of operations at the DC, to meet increasing demand and exceed customer expectations.

First Friday reported that its biggest challenge was the two-week window in which it had to prepare before training began. This meant project scope, preparation and all materials had to be prepared in this short time frame. It said that its experience of working with DC systems enabled its people to develop the course content and training materials at speed.

Maximising roll out success

The training was delivered on site and included concept courses, which detailed what was happening and why the new WMS had been implemented, together with hands-on practice systems training in the warehouse.

“No matter how sophisticated the system, it is the people inside the organisation that will determine its success or failure," commented Barrie Davies, head of logistics and supply chain at Joules. 

"First Friday has been successful in getting our DC team confident in using the new system ready for go-live. Our teams have been very enthusiastic about the training. We were most impressed with the development and seamless delivery of the course, given the short window in which First Friday had to prepare the programme,” he concluded.

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