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Anglia Co-Operative unifies store management processes

Monday February 22 2010

Productivity management system implemented across entire convenience, supermarket and department store portfolio

Anglia Co-operative has successfully implemented Torex Productivity Management across 53 stores it operates, including 14 own-brand convenience outlets, 15 Co-operative foodstores and 25 Westgate-branded department stores. 

The new system maximises store performance and efficiency by accurately determining staff working patterns to suit local demand, taking into account the precise range and quantity of products each outlet stocks.

Extending legacy workforce management systems

Completed last year, the Productivity Management implementation provides a single, web-based operating platform for managers at Anglia Co-operative to assess and control budgeting and staff scheduling requirements across the organisation’s various retail outlets. This helps ensure that each store is sufficiently staffed by employees with the correct range of skills needed to deliver the best possible level of customer service.

Torex Productivity Management was chosen because of its ability to adapt to meet the particular requirements presented by the different store types Anglia Co-operative runs. The system allows managers to accurately determine the optimum combination of key variables such as opening hours and staffing levels based on the local market each outlet serves, store type and the range of items sold.

Bespoke pilot ensures integration

The new implementation replaces a legacy workforce management solution from Torex already is use at Anglia Co-operative’s convenience stores and Co-operative Foodstores. Anglia Co-operative recognised the opportunity the project presented to unify and streamline its systems, and chose to extend the implementation to cover its Westgate department store operation.

As part of the implementation process, Torex Retail Productivity Consultants carried out a productivity assessment on four ‘sample’ Westgate stores to ensure Productivity Management was accurately configured to fulfil the operation’s requirements.

Anglia Co-operative retail executive, Andy Simpson, said: “With Productivity Management now installed across our complete range of food and department store outlets, we have been able to streamline management operations across the business, and fine-tune the service our stores deliver to our customers. We can move forward confident in the knowledge that we are now better equipped than ever to respond to the needs of shoppers in today’s competitive marketplace.”

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