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DFS factory goes live with new ERP

DFS factory goes live with new ERP
Friday May 24 2013

The sofa manufacturer and retailer introduces new software to streamline and manage output from its manufacturing sites

DFS, the UK’s largest sofa manufacturer and retailer, recently revealed it had chosen K3 Retail and its Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing system to run its five manufacturing sites.

The Dynamics system, which integrates with DFS’ existing retail and finance systems, manages the entire manufacturing process, from costing and production planning to raw material ordering, stock management, manufacturing work-in-progress (WIP) control and pay calculation.

Streamlining order fulfilment

The new system will replace an existing manufacturing system, which DFS said lacks the agility and flexibility offered by the new system. Following the introduction of the new system, DFS expects to save both time and money, but critically, fulfil store orders to its 91 stores, both quickly and accurately.

Phil Dodd, DFS programme manager, said: “We decided to replace our existing system due to the lack of business flexibility it offered us. We weren’t able to react quickly enough or make changes to the products, which in our line of business, is vital. We also selected K3 for their expertise and understanding of our market, which means they can build a system tailored to our specific needs. “

The new, tailored system gives DFS full management of source codes so its user can maintain full control of any changes that need to be made to products. The company can take complete ownership of changing information on the system in a more time-efficient way.

Positive supplier feedback

Dodd added: “We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from our suppliers, who say the increased visibility enables them to deliver goods more quickly. Sofas are a considered purchase, customers have very specific requirements. They want a particular sofa, with a certain fabric and cushions to match – it’s not an off-the-shelf item. The K3 system is flexible enough to suit both ours and our customers’ requirements.”

DFS produces over 3,000 orders or around 10,000 individual pieces of furniture every week.

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