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Pret A Manger translates brand experience to mobile

Pret A Manger translates brand experience to mobile
Wednesday June 26 2013

New mobile site delivers distinctive contextual experience based on device, geolocation and time of day

Pret A Manger, the food chain known for its fresh and natural food has unveiled a new mobile site, designed and built by digital agency Essence.
The new dynamic and mobile site is designed to be a natural, intuitive extension of the brand's instore customer philosophy, providing a device-agnostic mobile and tablet optimised user journey for Pret’s busy customers on the go. 

It responds to a user’s context by tailoring content and functionality to the time of day and proximity to a Pret shop. 

Customised brand view

Using GPS functionality, the mobile site displays the details of the closest shop including the manager’s name, walking directions and map, opening hours and contact details. Once in the store, customers are invited to leave feedback for the Pret team or check in with Facebook.
The new mobile site also offers detailed nutritional information for Pret’s entire menu, as well as Soup of the Day and Week. 
Jamie McRonald, Pret A Manger online marketing and web manager, commented: “Pret’s core values have informed each stage of the build and Essence challenged us every step of the way to explore different avenues and deliver what is best for our customers. This has all led to us creating a dynamic mobile experience that is truly innovative.”

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