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Booths Supermarkets installs fleet tracking

Booths Supermarkets installs fleet tracking
Wednesday July 3 2013

Fleet management improvements enable real-time capture and monitoring to enhance the retailer's delivery efficiency

Booths Supermarkets’ logistics team and drivers are working with Isotrak to improve the efficiency of the company’s delivery fleet. 

Isotrak is equipping all of the retailer’s heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) with its CANBus module that enables real-time capture and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help the Booths’ team focus on improving miles per gallon (MPG), idling time, use of cruise control and braking. 

Focus on performance and efficiency
Mark Glover, Booths Supermarkets head of logistics, said: “We are all pulling together on this project. The drivers have been extremely helpful in assisting with identifying the KPIs that will make the biggest difference to our delivery performance and efficiency as well as reducing our running costs. 

"This has enabled us to streamline the KPIs needed to make the significant gains we hope to achieve. We believe that this is a relatively small investment in technology and that it will provide a range of benefits to the company and our personnel.”
Glover added: “We believe our drivers are the best in the business and with this extension to our Isotrak vehicle tracking and geofencing solution we are giving them the tools they need to manage their own driving styles. 

Reductions in operating costs 

"The system will help with debriefing the drivers with detailed reports and they will be able to provide feedback to enable us to fine-tune it to get the most benefit. We believe the anticipated reduction in fuel consumption, plus any reduction in maintenance and repair costs will justify the investment,”
The driving team make more than 350 mixed deliveries each week – chilled, frozen and ambient products – to the company’s 29 stores located in North West England and Yorkshire. Each year the fleet covers more than 1 million road miles.
The Isotrak CANBus engine management module generates instant driving style reports that save fuel costs when integrated with daily driver debriefs. The provider said that, on average, companies will realise a 5% reduction in fuel costs and some have seen as much as 19% fuel cost and CO2 savings when using the system. 

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