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Pazzion sets new trend in retail management

Pazzion sets new trend in retail management
Wednesday August 14 2013

Singaporean ladies’ shoe designer invests in latest technology to support ambitious international growth plans

Shoe retailer Pazzion is benefitting from its adoption of retail management software systems in its home, Asia-Pacific market as it sets its sights farther afield.

In just twelve years, Pazzion has grown significantly. In Singapore, the retailer’s home market, flagship stores are to be found at Wisma Atria and Marina Bay Sands, while its international presence covers countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

New technology leads the way

As the company grew so did the requirement for an integrated retail management system. Pazzion conducted a review of the marketplace, searching for an easy-to-use system that could simplify its increasingly complex retail environment, with a diverse customer base and multiple languages as well as different countries and time zones. 
After evaluating several vendors, Pazzion selected Eurostop. According to the merchandising team at Pazzion, Eurostop matched the company’s requirements, providing an automated, intelligent system to facilitate stock control processes. Another deciding factor was Eurostop’s proven track record in the global clothing and footwear arena, while the provider’s network of newly opened offices in Asia served to underline their dedicated support and commitment to the region.
End-to-end stock and merchandising 

Pazzion has deployed Eurostop’s e-rmis for its head office system in Singapore and e‑pos to support stock control and merchandising across the company’s eight stores in Singapore. E-rmis to manage its stock more effectively and staff in the eight stores process all sales using e-pos at the tills. Both systems integrate to support a retail management framework that boosts productivity and ultimately improves customer service.

One of the greatest benefits is the advanced reporting capabilities provided by the system. Eurostop captures accurate sales data, which Pazzion can then translate into meaningful statistics that improve strategic decision-making and aid forward planning.
Using sales data reports, the merchandising team can identify which products are the hot sellers and the product mixes that are successful in different stores – fundamental to Pazzion’s overall sales and marketing process. The information also helps Pazzion to deliver highly targeted promotional campaigns to actively drive new revenue across stores. And the flexibility of the systems supports the company’s ability to further extend its geographic footprint.

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