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HobbyCraft creates affiliate opportunity

HobbyCraft creates affiliate opportunity
Friday August 2 2013

Arts and crafts retailer extends its multichannel strategy with its first foray into online performance marketing

UK arts and crafts retailer HobbyCraft has exclusively appointed global performance network Affiliate Window for the launch of its first ever performance marketing programme. 

Affiliate Window will work alongside HobbyCraft and its digital marketing agency Clear New Media to achieve the brand’s goals of growing a targeted publisher base of relevant bloggers and industry specific affiliate partners. 

Hobbycraft offers more than 35,000 arts and crafts products inspiring hundreds of new activities including school projects, haberdashery, jewellery making, baking and knitting. 

Speciality digital marketing 

With the appointment, performance marketing will become a key component of HobbyCraft’s multichannel strategy, as it is a direct way to reach their target audience and offers a clear and measurable return on investment. 

“We are excited by the ability to talk to all of our customers, particularly those with specialist hobbies says Katherine Paterson, customer development director for Hobbycraft. 

“Without Affiliate Window this would be very difficult, as the time involved to source and contact bloggers and specialist craft sites is so demanding. We are really excited about the partnership with Affiliate Window and joining the performance channel.” 

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