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Asda improves crime data reporting

Asda improves crime data reporting
Tuesday September 24 2013

UK supermarket uses enterprise risk management suite to reduce time needed to record accurate retail crime data further reduce risk throughout its business

Supermarket giant Asda is working with retail and risk specialist Hicom to reduce the time required to record retail incidents and provide accurate real-time understanding and an in-depth analysis of the security risks in its stores.
Hicom’s specialist Arena software was originally rolled out across Asda’s UK operations in 2010, enabling the company to put effective measures in place to reduce shrinkage, prevent risk and provide a safe retail environment for both colleagues and customers. The system reduced the amount of time taken to log a basic incident from nine minutes to between two and three minutes. 

Matching development to suit store formats

The provider has since tailored the software – an ‘Arena Lite’ version – that has further reduced the input time down to within 60 seconds, which was developed initially for use within Asda’s smaller stores, where resources are lighter.
Since the initial implementation of the Arena solution, Hicom has added a further development, which provides Asda with the ability to log more detailed information when criminals are detained. A change in Asda’s security methods means that once a criminal has been detained they will be asked questions that can help Asda to work towards preventing further incidents.
An Asda spokesperson commented: “Our objective is to develop a predictive solution that can inform trends and provide insight that will help prevent criminal incidents. We have already made some significant steps towards this goal and are pleased with our increased ability to have an accurate and full view of incidents that occur in our business.”

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