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Carphone Warehouse extends portfolio management

Carphone Warehouse extends portfolio management
Monday September 30 2013

Mobile retailer’s Connected World Services Business Division uses software to manage its services portfolio, control costs, and improve quality and delivery

Connected World Services, a division of Carphone Warehouse, is to use Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management to help with the support provision that underpins its managed services offering.
The initiative, supported by Service Portfolio Management, is designed to help maximise business efficiencies within Connected World Services giving greater accountability, more accurate reporting, and efficiencies for support services, including accounting, reporting and IT. The visibility gained with the Planview solution will help ensure that budgets and costs are competitive and being correctly managed. Using Service Portfolio Management will allow the company to manage its outsourced support services for consistency of delivery.
Building on successful enterprise deployment

“Previously, it has been very difficult to effectively manage the way services have been provided across the business and to ensure that maximum value and results were being delivered,” said Nick Boxall, services portfolio manager at Carphone Warehouse. “Given the success with Planview Enterprise for project management and PPM [project portfolio management] at Carphone Warehouse, it was a natural choice to extend the solution into helping with the management of our internal and external business services.”
Using Planview’s solution for Service Portfolio Management will also allow the company to offer services externally to partners and other businesses if needed, further extending its Connected World business model in the market.
Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management links services with related assets, labour, and applications to reveal the cost of delivering services to the business. With this information, customers can determine the value of services, identify and eliminate inefficiencies, accurately invoice business units and gain control of IT spending. Customers can identify hidden value through reducing unnecessary maintenance costs and delivering business services more efficiently. 

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