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PhotoBox extends EU e-payments system

PhotoBox extends EU e-payments system
Tuesday October 22 2013

Partnership in France and the UK builds on successful roll out of local payment options to other European markets in support of further business growth

European personalised product printing company PhotoBox has expanded its partnership with payments company Adyen to France and the UK, adding the two more markets to the successful roll out in 15 other European countries. 

An international partner to PhotoBox since 2010, Adyen now supports the company’s operations in 18 countries. Adyen’s payment systems process more than 14 payment methods and 10 currencies for PhotoBox, enable web page optimisation for mobile and provide the option to carry out A/B testing to compare conversion rates in various configurations. 

These features enable PhotoBox to build strong local payment propositions adapted to its customers’ preferences, which vary from country to country. 

Taking account of local preferences

For example, in the UK, most online payments are made by credit or debit card, whereas real-time bank transfers are more popular in Sweden (36% of payments) and in the Netherlands (almost 80%); cardless payments rule in Germany (51%) and local payment portals are preferred in Poland (more than 50%). 

“Adyen’s contribution has been decisive for the growth and development of PhotoBox in recent years. We are delighted to extend this partnership to our two largest markets, France and the UK, by entrusting 100% of our transactions to them,” said Clément Salvaire, deputy managing director in charge of international development at PhotoBox.

The payment provider added that its analysis found transaction conversion rates can increase as much as 35% by offering local payment methods.

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