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Fallen Hero introduces new responsive website

Fallen Hero introduces new responsive website
Thursday November 21 2013

Men’s online fashion store launches new website to ensure an increased mobile presence and improved shopping journey and experience for all of its customers

Fallen Hero, the online fashion store supplying leading men’s clothing brands, has launched a new responsive website in order to cater for the ‘platform agnostic’ generation.

The newly introduced site is responsive in design, adapting accordingly to the various screen sizes, hardware and mobile devices used by website visitors.

For the company, this will not just mean a better shopping experience for their customers, but it will result in an improved presence through mobile searches – a welcome consequence according to the company. 

Fallen Hero’s in-house team built the new website. As the digital marketing agency for Fallen Hero, Return on Digital consulted on and tested the site, as well as providing optimisation and onsite content guidance.

Best shopping experience on all devices

Darren Comerford, managing director at Fallen Hero, said: “At Fallen Hero, we have always embraced new developments within e-commerce and with the move towards our new responsive site we will be able to offer the best customer shopping experience on all devices.”

The website has also adopted a simple and clear navigation, complete with a classic and simplistic design in order to make the shopping experience easier. 

These adjustments will “let the brands on sale do the talking,” according to Comerford, who created the Fallen Hero website in 2006. Together with the flagship store in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, which won the prestigious Drapers Fashion Award in 2011, Fallen Hero has since grown into its branded multichannel retail operation. 

He added:“The younger and tech-savvy audiences are leading the way for the future of purchasing and we want to make sure that our store is always open to that audience, whether they’re in our physical store or on their tablet device on the train. 

"Thanks to the sleek design, the perfect wardrobe is now just a few clicks away with no fuss. It’s how our customers want to shop and we’re committed to delivering that to them.” 

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