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Retailers fail to optimise for mobile

Retailers fail to optimise for mobile
Monday November 25 2013

Online audit finds 92% of retailers are missing out on a key opportunity to enhance the consumer purchase journey by failing to optimise emails to fit mobile devices

Although the shopping experience has been transformed by rapid consumer adoption of mobile devices, retail offerings are struggling to keep up according to an audit of a number of e-retailers. 

Conducted by online marketing platform Bronto Software, an online audit of 106 retailer emails and websites to examine responsive and adaptive design trends found only 8% of emails from retailers in the study used responsive design. And only 4% of retailer websites used responsive design when viewed on a traditional computer.

Eighty-five percent of consumers will start shopping on one device and finish on another, yet the findings highlight many retailers fail to offer shoppers a multi-device optimised shopping experience, which can lead to frustrated consumers and lost sales.

Optimised digital presence increasingly important

“The online audit clarified the fact that, while responsive and adaptive designed sites and emails are becoming increasingly important for engaging shoppers, marketers need to remember there is no cure-all,” said Jim Davidson, Bronto marketing research manager.

“Instead of blindly relying on one technique, retailers should first develop a better understanding of which devices shoppers are using at various stages of the purchase path. Based on testing insights, retailers can make adjustments such as website adaptive design improvements or using responsive design in the mobile inbox to increase engagement and sales for multi-device customers.”

A white paper available for download from Bronto, entitled Responsive Design Provides the Perfect Fit, provides further analysis and insights on how retailers are (or are not) using responsive design, adaptive design, and mobile-first websites and emails. The study also examines how various mobile email clients, apps and operating systems display email messages.

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