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Tesco displays QR code interactivity

Tesco displays QR code interactivity
Monday December 9 2013

UK supermarket transforms window display of flagship Metro store and extends customer interactivity using QR codes and augmented reality technology

Tesco today revealed it is using quick response (QR) code and augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance its very first bespoke Christmas window display.

The display, which was unveiled at the retailer’s Regent Street Metro store last Saturday, is supported by QR code and AR technology at another 11 Metro stores around the country to enable local customers to browse the full range.

New scan and shop initiative

“For the first time ever, they are able to scan and shop without even entering the store,” the supermarket said in a statement, adding that popular products featured will include Christmas gift ideas such as children’s bikes, best-selling toys and a new homeware range. 

Once the shopper scans a QR code, AR brings the product to life on the customer’s smartphone, inviting them to view product information and videos, as well as the option click & collect from the same store the following day.  

All of the products and decorations displayed in the bespoke Regent Street Metro window are also available online at, where customers can click to buy, then collect from that Metro store.

Multichannel retailing commitment

The retailer added that its interactive AR/QR code project is an example of Tesco’s commitment to multichannel retailing. It also follows news of its trials of electronic shelf labels and a new staff mobile app last week.

Last Christmas 20% of Tesco online grocery customers purchased using their mobile devices and, in line with other retail forecasts, it predicted that this would increase to over 30% and well over half for non-food purchases.

The interactive AR/QR code project is taking place in the following Metro stores: Newcastle Eldon Square, Bristol Broadmead, Canterbury, Gravesend, Harlow, Peterborough, Kensington High Street, Birmingham Caxton, Manchester, Cardiff and Liverpool.

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