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Thomas Pink adds digital vouchers

Thomas Pink adds digital vouchers
Monday January 20 2014

New digital voucher issuance and redemption system extends added loyalty capabilities to online and instore customer service proposition

Thomas Pink recently went gone live with a new digital voucher issuance and redemption solution from Eagle Eye, launching e-vouchers across its UK, European and US markets in multiple currencies. 

The new system will enable the UK-based luxury shirt brand to reduce production and handling costs and improve insight into usage and redemption, while providing an enhanced customer experience for buying and redeeming vouchers.

The project involved the delivery of a separate website for each of the three geographical regions in the appropriate currency denominations, allowing individuals to purchase digital vouchers online for themselves or as gifts for others. Customers can opt to have unique gift codes delivered via SMS text (UK and Europe) or email (all regions) instantaneously or at a future date (for example to arrive on a birthday or other special occasion). 

Payment and channel integration 

Vouchers can be purchased using traditional card payment methods or PayPal, which is integrated into the Eagle Eye platform. And vouchers can be fully or partially redeemed online through the Thomas Pink e-commerce site or instore at the point of sale. To provide a consistent customer experience, existing unredeemed plastic vouchers have been added to the system so that, on redemption, customers will get the same enhanced experience.

The Eagle Eye system provides a secure solution for voucher issuance and redemption that eliminates fraud. Other benefits include complete financial management information and a full management platform for monitoring email and text non-delivery, as well as the management of refunds.

Nadine Sharara, Thomas Pink head of e-commerce, commented: “The launch of our new digital voucher platform is just the first step in moving to a complete omnichannel solution for vouchers and personalised offers that delivers a superior customer experience. We are already seeing cost savings and high adoption rates of digital vouchers across all markets.”

Thomas Pink has been building out its purchase and loyalty systems for some time, becoming one of the first UK retailers to adopt Simply Tap's mobile checkout at the end of 2012 and re-launching its e-commerce site the year before.

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