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Heine deploys online and mobile retail in the cloud

Heine deploys online and mobile retail in the cloud
Thursday March 27 2014

German-based fashion retailer rolls e-commerce cloud platform out across Europe to deliver consistent shopping experience following successful UK implementation

Multichannel retailer Heinrich Heine this week announced it has selected IBM to deliver a consistent online shopping experience across all channels, including mobile and social, to its customers in Europe. 

The UK was the first country where Heine decided to base its online shop on IBM e-commerce technology,, which launched in England in July 2013. 

Heine reportedly decided to implement IBM WebSphere Commerce in March 2013 based on its performance and its cloud based, multi tenant and multi-device capabilities, which make it easy to deploy across different countries at no additional cost. 

Following this successful implementation, stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are now migrating to the new platform. And the upgrade to IBM is also helping the retailer to interact efficiently and consistently with shoppers across mobile, social and online platforms. 

Localisation and integration advantages

“Heine is able to localise the regional shops based on the existing back-end platform, regionalised into different languages," commented Christian Doerfel, head of site management at Heinrich Heine. 

“The multi-device capabilities delivered by IBM via the cloud, mean the shop can be used both on desktop and on mobile devices or tablets without overloading our server resources excessively.” 

Doerfel said other implementation advantages included the speed and ease of set up. “It took only five months to get started with the webshop and IBM Websphere Commerce very easily connects to our internal ERP [enterprise resource management] system,” he added. 

Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, and founded in 1951, multichannel retailer Heinrich Heine offers the latest fashions and inspiring designs for women. The Otto Group acquired the company in 1976. 

Its webshop has been online since 1996 and offers Heine customers more than 22,000 products from a wide range of product lines.

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