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Ebuyer maximises website conversions

Ebuyer maximises website conversions
Tuesday April 22 2014

UK's largest online electrical retailer relies on multivariate testing technology to deliver superior web experience and support greater revenue

Independent online electrical retailer Ebuyer is using HP Optimost, a multivariate testing (MVT) technology product from HP Autonomy, to rapidly adapt to changing customer behaviour and increase online sales growth.

Founded in 1999 and based in Yorkshire, UK with over 250 employees and 4 million customers, Ebuyer has become the UK's largest independent online retailer of computer and electrical goods. 

The e-tailer recently embarked on work to improve its website in terms of the online customer experience and to maximise online conversion rates.

As part of the initiative to deliver a superior web experience, Ebuyer understood the importance of basing changes to features, design and content layout of its website on real and accurate data. 

Scalability and managed service approach

After evaluating competitive solutions, the provider reported that Ebuyer chose HP Optimost due to its ease of use, scalability and managed service approach. HP Autonomy added that its managed service enables organisations like Ebuyer to scale and deploy optimal test programmes rapidly without requiring additional investment in organisational resources.

HP Optimost is used to test multiple combinations of web elements including layout, graphics, text and calls to action on real customers to find the optimal configurations. Ebuyer and HP Autonomy collaborated to design, build and test experiments that delivered optimised content for the customer as behaviour changed, with the aim of maximising online conversion rates.

"Our customers are our number one priority, and we aim to ensure that they have the most seamless shopping experience when visiting our website," said Stuart Carlisle, Ebuyer managing director. 

"HP Optimost has also given Ebuyer the capability to react quickly to changing customer behaviour and increase conversion on our site exponentially."

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