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Clarks launches B2B voucher program

Clarks launches B2B voucher program
Clarks in Brighton
Wednesday June 11 2014

New platform goes live at Clarks to enable the real-time redemption of vouchers

As part of a business to business (B2B) incentive scheme, international shoe retailer Clarks has just gone live with a new voucher programme under the terms of which vouchers can be redeemed at all existing points of sale (PoS) across its UK stores.

The new digital initiative, supported by Eagle Eye’s AIR digital transaction platform, will be targeted to other businesses to allow them to distribute vouchers to their staff as part of an employee incentive scheme. 

During the first phase of the project, Clarks is working with issuance partner Maxim to distribute the vouchers via paper. Eagle Eye will supply unique codes for each voucher to ensure redemptions can be tracked and verified at PoS and to reduce the risk of fraud.  
In the second phase, the solution will go completely digital as vouchers are issued via email, SMS or mobile and tracked from issuance to redemption. It’s hoped this will help Clarks not only reduce operational costs but also track customer shopping behavior for personalised marketing.

Last year, Clarks launched on local mobile shopping platform Udozi, which allows shoppers to search for items in-store via their mobile devices.

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