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All-hours Wi-Fi at Castlepoint

All-hours Wi-Fi at Castlepoint
Sarah Ryan of Castlepoint tests new Wi-Fi
Monday June 30 2014

The Bournemouth shopping park has introduced free Wi-Fi for visitors.

Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park has announced it is rolling out free Wi-Fi for all visitors outside store areas.

“Whilst many of our retail outlets provide Wi-Fi within their premises, our network will provide the ability to reach the net from the outdoor areas,” said Sarah Ryan, marketing manager at the park.

Ryan explained that Castlepoint has kept the registration quick and simple, to ensure mobile phone and tablet users can log in fast to take advantage of the facility.
“We have spent a great deal of time researching the technology that will work best for our customers,” said Ryan.  

Sign-up can hamper Wi-Fi adoption

Recent research has shown that heavy free public Wi-Fi service investment could be wasted due to data privacy fears and lengthy registration processes.

A consumer survey showed that consumers would prefer to use mobile broadband than public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect their mobile devices to the internet while out and about .

This highlights the importance of a simple sign-on process, after the last few years has seen a growing number of them invest in high profile free public Wi-Fi service launches, including the likes of John Lewis, Fenwick, Tesco and even KFC.

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