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Woodie’s takes order management paperless

Woodie’s takes order management paperless
Wednesday July 9 2014

The DIY retailer now offers two EDI solutions to its suppliers, a traditional EDI solution and an e-invoicing portal

UK and Ireland-based DIY retailer Woodie’s has chosen to add paperless order management to its traditional EDI system.

Woodie's runs 591 branches and a turnover of over €2 billion. It’s understood the recession caused the retailer to examine all its operating costs and associated overheads during the period of 2008 to 2010 and that the time taken to reconcile invoices received against original orders was considered too high and needed to be reduced. 

Two EDI solutions for suppliers

The Atlas Fusion e-invoicing platform will allow the retailer to process over 150,000 invoices and order transactions annually. It’s expected the project will be completed in the next six months.

Woodies now offers two EDI solutions to their suppliers, traditional EDI and e-invoicing. The e-Invoicing portal is an option available to suppliers who do not wish to or are not in a position to implement a full traditional EDI system.

Any supplier who has access to the internet can use the Woodie’s e-invoicing portal to receive their orders electronically from Woodie’s, print them (if required) and use the order received to generate an Invoice (which can also be locally printed) when the goods have been shipped. 

Successful pilot

The e-invoicing platform was piloted first over the course of a year. “We were able to initially pilot the solution for 27 of our suppliers,” said David Brennan, Woodie’s financial controller. “Once this was proven, it was easy for us to then choose the solution so that all of our suppliers, regardless of volume provided, can benefit from paperless orders and invoices. We have already seen significant benefits in using the Atlas portal.”

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