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Mobile coupons for Indonesia’s Hypermart

Mobile coupons for Indonesia’s Hypermart
Thursday July 17 2014

Indonesian FMCG retailer is providing consumers with coupon acquisition and redemption via mobile loyalty programme

One of Indonesia’s biggest FMCG retailer operators, MPPA, is rolling out mobile couponing to 48 of its 102 Hypermart stores in Indonesia.

This project represents the second phase of a multi-phase implementation, which sees the PowaTag mobile commerce app used to drive coupon distribution and redemption for Hypermart’s HiCard loyalty programme. The programme is said to have grown to over three million members and to represent over 60% of Hypermart sales.

“This represents a significant advancement in our ability to provide outstanding service to our valued HiCard members,” said Carmelito J. Regalado, deputy CEO and president of MPPA. “Previously, coupon distribution and redemption was a manual and very expensive process. We can now distribute electronic coupons to HiCard members with a simple and efficient redemption process in Hypermart stores.

“We are delighted to be the first retailer in Indonesia to embrace this technology,” he added.

Advancing the HiCard loyalty programme

PowaTag will be linked to the HiCard app, which allows members to redeem HiCard points using their mobile phones. This integration enhances this capability by allowing consumers to acquire coupons and special offers by tagging in-store promotional materials, online ads and print ads.

Future phases of the PowaTag implementation will deploy more broadly across Hypermart’s store network and implement additional functionality, including location-based notifications, virtual shopping and special offers.

Hypermart is Indonesia’s largest FMCG retailer with a diverse range of products including food/groceries, non-food household items, softline products and electronics operating a total of 227 hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacy outlets.

This deployment at Hypermart follows a recent rollout of PowaTag technology by French fashion retailer Comptoir de Cotonniers, where more than 10,000 ‘virtual boutiques’ were created in a single night. 

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