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Mobile vouchers for One Stop

Mobile vouchers for One Stop
Friday August 8 2014

Customers of the Tesco subsidiary will be able to redeem promotional coupons on their mobile phone

Retail convenience store One Stop is introducing technology that will enable it to issue coupons via SMS and email, redeemable by customers in-store using their mobile phone.

The Eagle Eye AIR platform will run in all stores, including One Stop franchises and will also be available to One Stop brand partners. 

Customer convenience

The retailer hopes to make it easier for customers to take advantage of promotional coupons, to ensure coupons usage is safe and to gain deeper insight into its product offerings.

“Convenience is at the heart of our business and this platform enables real-time, personalised offers to be delivered direct to our customers via SMS and email,” said Lizzie Reynolds, Head of Marketing at One Stop. “This is a real step forwards for our customers, as it means we can give them the deals and offers that they really want."

World Cup promotion
During the World Cup, One Stop launched a promotion with brand partner Coca Cola through an online game. Promoted through the store’s customer leaflet, on posters in store and on their website and Facebook page, customers were encouraged to play the game, which involved a digital penalty shoot-out. 

If the user scored they were rewarded with a range of prizes from a free Coke to a Sony PS4. Prizes could be redeemed via keyed entry in store using a code sent to the winner’s mobile phone via the Eagle Eye AIR platform. 

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