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Dual-screen ePoS for new Strasbourg 'macaron' boutique

Dual-screen ePoS for new Strasbourg 'macaron' boutique
Biscarrat using dual screen ePoS for check-out
Friday August 22 2014

French Masterchef winner Elisabeth Biscarrat has deployed visually compelling PoS technology at first Strasbourg outlet

Elisabeth Biscarrat, the 2011 winner of TF1’s Masterchef TV programme, has rolled out new PoS hardware and software as part of the fittings of her new Strasbourg ‘Macarons & Inspirations’ boutique.

The chef, who is opening her first specialist biscuit shop, is using PC-based sango dual-screen ePoS technology by Aures Group with check-out digital display and queue management, which works alongside ePoS check-out and management software by Crisalid.

“I wanted an elegant boutique with a contemporary, bright, refined and sophisticated design, reflecting my ‘macarons’ and their subtle flavours,” explained Biscarrat. 

“I couldn't pass up on Aures' graceful sango terminal, which goes really well with the visual identity and style of my new shop. Together with CRISALID's high-performance software, the EPOS ergonomics and functionality are ideal for our needs.”

“The 2nd screen facing customers enables us to inform our waiting queue of the creative process we go through,” she concluded.

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