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Free WiFi for Camden market

Free WiFi for Camden market
Tuesday August 26 2014

Stables Market Camden offers free WiFi to visitors while accessing network data such as footfall mapping

Stables Market Camden is now offering a fully supported free WiFi service available 24 hours a day. 

Working with Cisco Meraki indoor and outdoor access points, Purple WiFi has provided Camden Market with the free WiFi service. 

Network analysis

The secure Social WiFi solution from the cloud-based WiFi vendor also offers the market access to data from the network such as footfall mapping, allowing visibility on how the public spaces in the market are being used.

This includes a tailored portal, user registration and authentication, content filtering, legal compliance, anonymous and aggregated location metrics, user statistics, presence reports, social WiFi access and WiFi marketing opportunities.

Wireless London

London venues that already offer free WiFi via various different WiFi providers, include The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace, London Underground and London Film Museum.

"We were looking for a fast, scalable, quick to set-up and easy to use platform, without the usual issues associated with running a large free WiFi hotspot," commented Jac Timms, IT manager at the Stables Market Camden.

"The ability to watch the traffic flow within the market is also a major reason for working with Purple WiFi, as it helps us to understand how our visitors move around the market and which elements are working well as well as identifying areas that need more attention," he continued.

"It's no longer good enough to have wireless connectivity - understanding consumer behaviour is what matters,” commented Sarah Eccleston, director of enterprise networks for the UK & Ireland at Cisco. 

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