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Morrisons fine tunes e-commerce strategy

Morrisons fine tunes e-commerce strategy
Monday September 1 2014

The supermarket chain has deployed a price intelligence solution to enable customers to upload and match their shopping list

UK retailer Morrisons has deployed a pricing intelligence solution to access competitor market data and match an online shopper’s ‘favourites’, which is their usual list of purchases at another supermarket.

The solution, underpinned by Profitero Price Intelligence, allows an online shopper to import their shopping list into Morrison’s own website, which aims to make switching between online grocery providers easier.

Matching technology
"We want to challenge shoppers' preconceived ideas of online grocery services by surprising them with just how good an experience it can be with us,” commented Morrisons' digital marketing director Amanda Metcalfe. “Profitero's proposition will make an online shop even easier for new customers."
Profitero's matching capability uses both proprietary matching technology as well as manual validation of matches, which enables the delivery of high match rates and high accuracy across both branded and private-label products for supermarkets.

Online expansion

A latecomer to e-commerce, Morrisons launched its online grocery website earlier this year, joining the e-commerce race in earnest in late 2013. 

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