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AllSaints ‘Logs-in and Pays with Amazon’

AllSaints ‘Logs-in and Pays with Amazon’
Wednesday September 17 2014

The ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ function is now available in Europe

British fashion brand AllSaints has experienced a 34% uplift in its online conversion rate in the US by using the ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ service, which allows customers to buy online using their Amazon account information.

Quicker payment

The retailer has also noted a 1 minute 10 second reduction in the time it takes a customer to check-out. Within the first few days of being live, 24% of all online sales were made via Login and Pay with Amazon and in the UK specifically, the retailer also noted a 15% higher average online order value versus other alternative wallets or payment methods.

”We continue to hear positive feedback from our customers who appreciate the speed, convenience and added security that Login and Pay with Amazon provides,” commented James Wintle, global director of technology at AllSaints.  “We look forward to continuing our work with Amazon Payments as we address customer pain points and improve the overall online customer experience.”

Live in Europe

In addition to AllSaints, other sellers currently providing the ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ service include, Moss Bros,, Overclockers UK,  FulhamBrassOnline, Paddock Spares in the UK and engelhorn, Babyartikel, Moebelisten, Klimaworld & Hirschel-Cosmetic in Germany.

The Amazon payment service, which recently went live in Europe, aims to help retailers streamline their customer account creation and payment processing.

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