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Orlebar Brown using NetSuite as platform for growth

Orlebar Brown using NetSuite as platform for growth
Wednesday November 12 2014

Up and coming men's fashion label updates Glynn Davis on how its use of cloud-based business and commerce software is supporting growth and US expansion plans

Fashion company Orlebar Brown believes its use of the cloud-based NetSuite solution is providing it with a sufficiently flexible platform to enable it to grow its complex business model to many times its present size without adding heavy costs.

Speaking at the NetSuite SuiteConnect conference in London this week Abi Somorin, senior IT manager at Orlebar Brown, said the business operates across physical stores, wholesaling, online and via a call centre within multiple countries, which produces a complex model for growth.

But such is the flexibility and ease with which NetSuite can be scaled, and importantly customised, that Somorin is the only person dedicated to IT within the company: "We run very lightly on human bodies and so there is a lot of automation, which is made possible through NetSuite. 

"It has enabled 25% of the 150,000 transactions processed last year to come directly from third-parties such as logistics companies and sales people [via customised interfaces]."

Managing costs and fostering growth

Having hundreds of stockists globally who could place orders into the system by simply logging into the cloud-based solution was vital to Orlebar Brown in order to keep its cost base down and to enable growth. 

Having first spoken to Retail Technology earlier this year about IT, the company is now about to open a store in the US and Somorin foresees only minimal changes being necessary to the company's IT infrastructure as a result of entering this new territory.

The way in which the company's employees are working is also changing and this can also be easily reflected in the NetSuite solution: "The way people are working from home now means the cloud has the flexibility to enable people to log-in from wherever they are. You can access it in the middle of the night if you need to."

Orlebar Brown does not currently run its e-commerce site on the NetSuite platform as it had only just done a major redevelopment of its online site at the time of implementation. However, Somorin confirmed that the more recently developed NetSuite SuiteCommerce module would likely be incorporated into its business during its next round of e-commerce developments.

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