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Barclaycard Freedom scheme gets npower boost

Monday March 15 2010

Tie-up in advance of loyalty launch offers customers the opportunity to save money on energy bills

Tie-up in advance of loyalty launch offers customers the opportunity to save money on energy bills


Barclaycard Freedom customers are being offered the chance to boost their accounts by up to £160 of reward money in a year, thanks to a new reward offer launch from utility supplier, npower.


The reward, the first in the scheme to be paid regardless of the amount the customer spends on their card, is recorded in pounds sterling, not points and can be spent by customers immediately with participating UK retailers.


Barclaycard Freedom, which launches in March, offers the concept of a rewards programme to many small and medium retailers for the first time. In addition to encompassing household names, including npower, over 30,000 retail outlets have been invited to be part of the scheme at launch. On average, the card issuer said there will be 200 retailers within a five mile radius of where a Barclaycard cardholder lives and many more retailers are expected to join in the coming months.


Freedom of choice attracts backing


Celebrating the partnership, npower is also doubling its sign-up incentive to £60 of reward money for Barclaycard Freedom customers transferring their gas and electricity to npower before 17 May 2010. Along with the £100 annual loyalty payment for both new and existing npower customers paying by monthly direct debit for both fuels, Barclaycard Freedom holders could earn enough in a year to buy a meal out for the entire family, special treat for someone or have a shopping spree online, simply by choosing npower as their gas and electricity supplier.


Giuseppe Di Vita, managing director of npower retail markets, commented: "Our customers have told us that they would like more freedom of choice in the way that they are rewarded for joining and staying with npower. Participating in the Barclaycard Freedom scheme enables us to give our customers the choice of up to 30,000 retailers to redeem their reward money. Our customers will benefit from a straightforward, simple and transparent way to get more value for their money."


Sarah Newman, managing director of Barclaycard Freedom, commented: "Barclaycard Freedom incorporates all of the best elements of a rewards scheme with no vouchers or coupons to collect and no points to calculate – the rewards are quite simply in pounds and pence. Offers like npower’s – the first of its kind in the Barclaycard Freedom scheme – give customers a new way that they can build up their reward balance. We hope that customers enjoy spending their reward money."