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France’s Giphar begins space mission

France’s Giphar begins space mission
Tuesday June 7 2016

French pharmacy co-operative Giphar is replacing legacy software with a raft of new space planning solutions

The company – which has around 1700 members across France - has a central warehouse managing logistics and replenishment, and offers marketing services, a common information system, training centre, and quality certification processes, in order to best serve its members.

It has chosen JDA Space Planning to efficiently optimise the position, performance and layout of product categories to precisely meet individual store and consumer-level demand while driving profitability.

JDA Space Planning will also enable Giphar to create intelligent planograms in three-dimensional merchandising displays that helps match merchandise strategy with the way consumers shop – by brand, type, product complement or other key attributes.

Giphar will work with JDA alliance member Cube Solutions to implement the solution,
which will be deployed in an SAP environment.

Joel Le Jule, head of merchandising, Giphar said: “We needed to replace legacy software
that was no longer meeting our needs, and selected JDA to best optimise assortments through planograms, while allowing us to plan shelf and floor space based on each pharmacy’s unique constraints and performance.”

Giphar will leverage JDA Floor Planning to enhance floorplan productivity and accuracy, aligning store layouts intelligently according to each pharmacy’s unique needs. JDA Floor Planning  integrates with JDA Space Planning to link store floors and fixture placement with product planograms for easy-to create, customised store assortments that match consumer needs.

Franck Lheureux, regional vice president, EMEA sales, for JDA added: “We look forward to working with Giphar on their deployment roll-out, to ensure they have the right balance of in-store item availability and accurate floorplan layouts that meet theMneeds of their customers, while reducing merchandise transfer costs and inventory overhead.”

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