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Online grocery shopping yet to impress

Online grocery shopping yet to impress
Tuesday December 20 2016

New research has revealed that online grocery shopping is yet to fully catch fire with consumers

According to a survey by Vista Retail Support, only 21% of UK consumers will be shopping online for their groceries this Christmas with 9% shopping solely online, taking advantage of delivery, while 12% will be using a combination of online and in-store options, such as click-and-collect.

One prime example of where online shopping is not currently meeting customers’ expectations is in relation to being sent substitutes to items that are out of stock, which are often deemed “unsuitable.” 

More than half (56%) of respondents said they received such an unsuitable substitute at least occasionally, while 8% claim that each order contains at least one.


Consumers shared examples of substitute items they have been received, which included Quorn (meat substitute) being replaced with minced beef, fresh green beans being replaced with a tin of baked beans, round cookie cutters (for minced pies) replaced with gingerbread men cookie cutters and baby nappies replaced with others of the wrong size.

“While more supermarkets are embracing technology in order to better serve their customers, some of the answers provided by respondents to the survey show there is clearly an issue with fulfilling orders and in some cases with staff training,” James Pepper, technical services director at Vista, said. “For supermarkets and other food retailers to continue to meet shoppers’ expectations, they must ensure they have the right solutions in place.”

One area in which supermarkets could have a bumper Christmas is in offering next-day delivery up until 23 December for the last minute shoppers; 43% of respondents agreed this would entice them to shop online, while 23% added that such an offer would likely see them ordering more food than otherwise.

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